Meet our Staff


Mary Hawkins

Office Manager
Mary lived in Wallowa as a child, then went to school out of the area. In a hurry to get home to eastern Oregon, she worked in the family trade of horse & mule packing into the Lostine & Minam drainages. During that time, she frequented the Tick Hill trail on the grounds, volunteered at the Nez Perce in the Wallowa Art Show and built relationships with many of the local people involved in the project. As a culmination of an assortment of non-profit experiences, in 2013 she came onboard at the Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland as the Office Manager, happy for the opportunity to support one of few intercultural organizations in the area.  Mary is determined to bring up her two children here and see them share her strong connection to the Wallowa mountains. Her work at the Homeland has given her a better understanding of how steward this place, pass that along to her family, and understand the many ways it has shaped the people who have lived here past present and future. In addition to her work at the Homeland, Mary is also a chicken farmer and operates a state inspected poultry processing facility. Her legendary chicken feed recipe is now carried by Grain Growers and sold by the ton.


Angela Bombaci

Program Coordinator
As the new Program Coordinator at the Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland, Angela is happy to be contributing to a cause that she connects with on a personal level. Dancing in the circle dance is one of her earliest memories. She is proud to continue the work that is being done to strengthen ties with our Indian neighbors and welcome them back to their homeland.  She has just experienced a homecoming herself, returning to Lostine after 15 years away. Her broadened horizons have led her to value more than ever the environment and cultural history of this land. She has a deep sense of responsibility for the community here, past and present. While organizing new events and programs, she keeps in mind our mission to connect a new generation of Nez Perce people, local residents and visitors from around the world. When she’s not working at the downtown Wallowa visitor center or the Homeland property, she is enjoying the company of her two year old son, Cosmo and their plus sized “puppy,” Hobbes. She grew up hiking & camping, from the canyon country to the Eagle Cap, and continues to explore, now with her own family. In the winter she straps on her snowboard and makes the most of the cold, crisp weather - just one more thing to love about home.


Amy Meredith


Amy graduated from Boise State University in 2006 with two Bachelor of Science degrees - Accountancy and Finance, Magna Cum Laude.  She continued her education receiving a Master of Science in Accountancy, Taxation emphasis in 2007.  After graduation, she worked for a well respected tax firm in Boise, Idaho for seven years.  In 2014, she met a wonderful man who, at the time, lived in Elgin, Oregon.  Knowing that it would be far easier for him to make her "small town" than for her to make him "big city", they decided to settle down together in Enterprise.  She hung out her own shingle late in 2015, and works at helping small businesses and non-profits with bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and tax planning. In addition to her financial skills, Amy also brings her love of research and penchant for accuracy to the organization, and is visitors’ favorite docent at the visitor center.


Jack Conley

Grounds Maintenance
After nearly 4 decades at Romac Industries (a waterworks fittings manufacturing company based outside of Seattle), Jack retired in 1999 and he and his wife Maggie made the move to Lostine. Their five adult children still live on the west side of Oregon, from Portland to Seattle. When Maggie started working at the Homeland office six years ago, nobody was taking care of signage, grass or weeds at the grounds. Jack often went out and mowed without anyone asking him to. He remembers when he turned off the ignition after

mowing the grounds for the first time, how good he felt about it. Being at the land out there gave him a warm feeling and from then on he made maintenance at the grounds part of his weekly routine. Finally the Homeland took him on as an employee, but he still doesn’t consider it a job as much as something he enjoys that he also gets paid to do. He loves the work so much that even though he has no lawn at home, he bought a Cub Cadet mower just for the grounds. In addition to mowing, Jack takes on facilities projects both at the grounds and in the office, while also keeping up on Mary & Angela’s endless Honey-do list.