Dance Arbor

The Dance Arbor at the Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland

The Tamkaliks Celebration continues as our biggest annual event. Seen by outsiders as entertainment due to the singing, dancing and colorful regalia, the Powwow is a spiritual legacy which should be treated with respect and honor. It is a time for families to be together with other family members and friends. It is a time to honor the past and celebrate the future. Families travel hundreds of miles to attend. The renewal of traditions and reinforcement of heritage is an important thing. The dance space is blessed before the grand entry begins and is considered to be sacred ground for the duration of the celebration. The Arbor, outside of Tamkaliks weekend, is available for events and education. With shaded seating for hundreds, it is the facility most commonly used by the local community for weddings, funerals, reunions and fundraisers.