The Longhouse at the Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland

The Longhouse is an area dedicated to the practice of traditions native to the people of the Columbia River Plateau. It is a spiritual gathering place for the celebration of life. It has been a living space where families and extended families share life’s milestones, from naming to passing. A space to give thanks to the Creator for all that has been provided, season to season, day to day. 

The building completed in Wallowa in 2016 is framed by huge, hand-peeled tamarack harvested in the Lostine River drainage. Custom milled lumber and rustic metal work contribute to a reverent space. A central air handling system helps to moderate summer temperatures and the concrete floor has radiant heat available in cool weather. The floor of the wash was put in place with dirt gathered from significant sites around the northwest. The longhouse is available to individual families as well as for camps and education. Tables and chairs on hand accommodate about 80 people, with advance notice more are available in the community. Overflow areas can be set up outside. Funerals always take precedence in scheduling.